A batch of American medicines for mpox is to be imported in Russia under government instructions


The Government of the Russian Federation has instructed to import into Russia 200 packages of the US-made tecovirimat, a drug not registered in the Russian Federation. It is intended for medical care to patients with mpox. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Order.

“In order to provide medical care to patients with diseases caused by poxviruses, including the mpox virus, Pharmatsevtichesky Import Export Joint Stock Company is instructed to import in 2022–2023, in accordance with the established procedure, 200 packages of a medicine not registered in the Russian Federation, with INN tecovirimat (TN Tipox, capsules 200 mg No. 42, manufacturer SIGA Technologies, USA) in the national packaging of a foreign manufacturing company,” the document says.

Monkey pox is a rare viral disease found mainly in remote tropical rainforest areas in Western and Central Africa.

“Two imported cases of the disease have been confirmed in Russia since the outbreak of mpox. Both patients fully recovered and were discharged from medical institutions dealing with infectious diseases. According to Rospotrebnadzor, further transfer of the infection was avoided thanks to the timely isolation of the patients and prompt anti-epidemic measures,” the publication notes.

The term over which medicines can be imported to Russia in foreign packaging has been extended until the end of 2024.


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