Chestny Znak: Russia has enough amoxicillin and cefuroxime based antibiotics


According to the Honest Sign labeling system, there is no shortage of tablets with INNs amoxicillin and cefuroxime in Russia. Sufficient stocks of these drugs have been formed in the Russian Federation, with more than 4.3 million packages stored in warehouses and pharmacies, the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (TsRPT, the operator of the Chestny Znak (Honest Mark) reported.

“At the same time, the labeling system records an increase in demand for such drugs: from November 28 to December 11, Russians bought 32% more drugs based on amoxicillin and cefuroxime than in the previous two weeks. With the demand at the current level, the stocks of medicines with amoxicillin as the active substance that are currently available in warehouses and pharmacies will last for more than 4.5 months, and those of cefuroxime for more than a year,” the message says.

By the end of November, the average price of drugs with amoxicillin was 201.2 rubles per package, which is 14% more than in November last year. Drugs with cefuroxime, on the contrary, have become much cheaper: in November 2021, the average price for a pack was 335 rubles, whereas in November 2022 it fell 37%, to 244.4 rubles.

Drugs labeling started in Russia on July 1, 2020. According to Roszdravnadzor, 100% of the drugs that are introduced into civil circulation have been labeled.

Roszdravnadzor commented on reports of a shortage of an amoxicillin-based drug in November.


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