A bill on penalties for the sale of medicines without a prescription has received support from the Cabinet of Ministers


The Government of the Russian Federation has supported a bill on administrative penalties for the over-the-counter sale of drugs subject to strict record keeping and storage. The Cabinet’s review was published in the Duma electronic database on Tuesday along with the text of the initiative.

“The Government of the Russian Federation has considered the submitted draft federal law. <…> The Government of the Russian Federation supports the bill,” the document says.

The document was prepared as part of the implementation of the National Anti-Drug Policy of the Russian Federation in the Period Until 2030, as Pavel Krasheninnikov, one of the authors of the project, the head of the State Duma Committee on State Building and Legislation previously reported. The number of addicts to new potentially dangerous psychoactive substances has gone up more than 2.5 times over the past decade, the developers of the initiative say.

“Unfortunately, teenagers and young adults tend to be more vulnerable to addiction due to the relative availability of medicines, ease of their use, and their intense effect.  <…> Despite the fact that the listed drugs are subject to strict record keeping and storage, in practice, it is not uncommon that they are sold over-the-counter, which violates the strict record keeping procedure,” Krasheninnikov noted.

Earlier, it became known that deputies and senators submitted a bill to the State Duma on fines of up to 20,000 rubles for pharmacists and officials and 200,000 rubles for legal entities for selling controlled drugs without a prescription.