Pharmasyntez is the absolute leader in the rating of economic entities of the Irkutsk Region


At the end of 2021, the company was awarded for its significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the region.

The winners were solemnly congratulated by Igor Kobzev, the Governor of the Irkutsk region. Konstantin Zaitsev, Chairman of the Government of the Irkutsk Region awarded representatives of enterprises with 26 lapel pins and desktop commemorative signs  devoted to the 85th Anniversary of the Irkutsk Region.

The rating of the Irkutsk region companies is produced annually. The main task is to enhance the competitiveness of the Angara region economy and reinforce the cooperation between the government and enterprises of the region.

The winners of the rating were determined based on a comprehensive set of criteria, taking into account financial and economic indicators, investment and labor activity, and social responsibility of enterprises and organizations. The winners were chosen by an expert commission, which included representatives of the relevant ministries of the Irkutsk region and the Irkutsk statistics authority.

“The enterprises that are winners of the rating make a significant contribution to improving the socio-economic situation of the region and, as a result, to achieving a better living conditions for the population. Thanks to this work, the Irkutsk Region traditionally occupies a leading position in Siberia in terms of economic indicators. Rating is not just about selecting the best. The indicators that are taken into account during the selection are outlined in the region’s socio-economic development strategy and are the points of growth for our companies. Thus, we bring together the goals of business and the tasks set by the government, and implement a single socio-economic policy,” Governor Igor Kobzev stressed.

Evgeny Orachevsky, acting Director General of AO Pharmasintez, noted: “This year, by the decision of the competition commission, we were not only rated first in our industry, but were recognized as the absolute winner of the rating, and this is a greatest motivation for us. Of course, such recognition is important for us all, as it commends the results of the work of almost two thousand Pharmasynthez employees, and we all have deserved it, every one of us. We do not stop: every year we do something fundamentally new. We put into operation state-of-the-art production facilities,  expand the range of socially significant medicines our company produces, work hard with quality, introduce new technologies and work on our own original developments. All that not only makes a significant contribution to the development of drug safety in our country, but also creates new jobs and ensures an increase in tax returns to the budget of the Irkutsk Region. We thank the governor’s team for their appreciation of our work!”