Rostec has launched the production of high-tech components for exoprostheses


Rostec State Corporation together with Aluminum Metallurg Rus (AO “AMR”) have started their work on creating import-substituting production of high-tech components for exoprostheses. This was reported by TASS on Thursday, January 19.

“Modern high-tech production of exoprostheses will be organized at MPO Metalist, one of the oldest manufacturing enterprises in Russia and the country’s first prosthetics plant.  Rostec has attracted more than 1 billion rubles of direct private investment for the implementation of the project,” Rostec said.

According to Maxim Vybornykh, Deputy Director of Rostec, the participation of private capital in the project will make it possible to create a network of workshops in the country within a short time and organize the development and production of a line of components for exoprostheses.

Production will reach full capacity in the next two years. In the future, the project will also include the introduction of bionic technologies, which will expand the range of domestic prostheses.