A vaccine against allergy to birch pollen has been developed by FMBA


The birch pollen allergy vaccine developed by the State Research Center Institute of Immunology of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA) of Russia together with the Vienna Medical University protects from allergy after three to five injections, unlike extract-based vaccines available in the market, which have to be administered up to 30 times. This was announced by Igor Shilovsky, Deputy Director for Science and Innovation of the Institute.

“The vaccine can be used in higher doses, which will increase its effectiveness. Our experiments show that 3-5 injections lead to allergy protection, while the existing vaccines based on extracts require up to 30 injections for a comparable result,” he said at a press conference dedicated to the World Immunity Day.

As Shilovsky explained, all currently existing allergovaccines are based on extracts. The FMBA focused on the creation of so-called recombinant hypoallergenic vaccines: they can be used to prevent the development of allergies, Shilovsky said.

A series of safety and efficacy trials have shown that the vaccination provides complete protection against allergy to birch pollen andsimilar allergens (e.g., apple, peach, peanuts, and soy). Shilovsky added that the vaccine is completely hypoallergenic and suitable for preventive use, it is non-toxic and safe for vital organs.