Sotex brings to the market “Cereton” in the form of capsules 400 mg No. 112


“Cereton” from the company russian Sotex is the most popular drug of choline alfoscerate among doctors and patients. Cereton has established itself as the undisputed champion in its segment due to its substantial clinical effectiveness and numerous years of successful usage, accounting for over 50% of all prescriptions.

This is the only drug of choline alfoscerate in Russia approved for use in children, which indicates its high safety profile. Capsules of Cereton are recommended for children aged 11 years and above to ease mild to moderate cognitive impairments resulting from TBI and/or hemorrhagic stroke, including long-term consequences and recovery period.

Cereton is a powerful remedy that rejuvenates and sustains cognitive, motor, and emotional abilities in individuals suffering from chronic cerebrovascular ailments of the mind. It is a highly effective treatment for patients who have suffered from a stroke or a traumatic brain injury.

Cereton treatment’s mechanism of action targets the root cause of the disease, resulting in a noticeable positive effect within a fortnight. Nonetheless, for sustained results, patients require uninterrupted and prolonged use of the medication.

This medication comes in various forms, such as injection solutions and capsules. This unique feature enables doctors to personalize treatment for every patient, giving it an edge over other choline alfoscerate preparations.
“Cereton” in the form of capsules 400 mg No. 112 is a new economical and convenient package designed for a long course of therapy. The appearance of the drug in the form of capsules makes therapy more accessible: it will become even more convenient for patients to receive treatment for a long time, which will increase the effectiveness of therapy.