The opening of Rosatom’s radio pharmaceutical plant in Obninsk is scheduled for 2025


The Rosatom radio pharmaceutical production enterprise in Obninsk, located in the Kaluga region, is set to commence its operations by 2025. According to Kirill Komarov, First Deputy General Director of Rosatom, the activation of the facility will not only enable the state corporation to boost the production of these superior products, but will also elevate it from 11 to 25.

He emphasized that there are plans to significantly expand the range of radiopharmaceuticals in the upcoming years, utilizing the capacities of the new plant. At the BRICS Expert Forum on Nuclear Medicine, Komarov confidently emphasized the strong demand for radiopharmaceuticals, not only within our nation but also among our esteemed BRICS counterparts.

In addition, he emphasized Rosatom’s commitment to enhancing collaborations with the BRICS member countries. The highlighted aspect was the potential to expand the range of supplied isotopes and develop groundbreaking radiopharmaceuticals with them.

“Alongside our BRICS counterparts, we are prepared to establish powerful macro-regional hubs of expertise that not only address healthcare challenges in our nations but also venture into untapped markets”, Kirill Komarov concluded.