Pharmasyntez launched serial production of Nomides suspension in 10 and 15 gr


The Pharmasyntez group of companies has recently commenced mass production of the Nomides suspension in two different volumes: 10g and 15g. Pharmasyntez has been manufacturing this exceptional drug since 2016. The drug is produced at the Irkutsk plant of the Pharmasyntez Group of Companies.

Nomides (Neuraminidase), an antiviral agent, effectively reduces the duration of the flu and its primary symptoms when administered promptly.  It is suitable for children as young as one-year-old, and it is also safe for pregnant women to take. Currently, Nomides stands as the sole oseltamivir available in Russia in the form of a suspension.

Pharmasyntez has been manufacturing the medication since 2016. Starting in 2021, a new dosage form has been introduced – a powdered form for the preparation of an oral suspension. Nevertheless, the dosage form was only available in a single volume of 30 grams. The use of it led to the disposal of a significant quantity of the suspension. used in children weighing less than 23 kg due to the limited shelf life.

Currently, Pharmasyntez have initiated the production of two additional volumes for the medication – 10g and 15g. These volumes are specially created for children who are under the age of eight and weigh up to 23kg. Over 100,000 suspension packages have already been manufactured and are currently available for distribution through both pharmacies and online platforms. The company is planning to launch an additional 100,000 packages by the upcoming autumn flu season.