Sotex has broadened its range of dietary supplements


Sotex recently embarked on an expansion of its product portfolio, resulting in the re-launch of Compligam B Complex nutritional supplement. It is a combination of 11 additional B vitamins that support the health of the nervous system.

Scientific studies have revealed that a concerning issue often found among adults is the occurrence of combined polyhypovitaminosis of B vitamins. This deficiency poses an unfavorable environment for the development of nervous system disorders.

The main causes of B vitamin polyhypovitaminosis are an unhealthy lifestyle, an imbalanced diet, or increased workloads and stress. Studies have found that consuming excessive amounts of coffee, tea, sugar, flour products, alcohol, and smoking can frequently result in deficiencies of B vitamins. During the early phases, a lack can present itself as weakness, fatigue, memory loss, and decreased attention. Correcting risk factors promptly is of utmost importance, and when it comes to replenishing the deficiency.

“Compligam B Complex” is now available in pharmacies, with plans to introduce it to the scientific medical community starting in September. “ The introduction of the Compligam B* Complex will undoubtedly revolutionize the treatment of nervous system diseases, solidifying its position in the market, the company confidently concluded.