A Center for Cyclotron Technologies will be established by Rosatom to advance high-tech medicine


According to the press service of the Rosatom State Corporation, plans are underway to establish a cutting-edge Center for Cyclotron Technologies in St. Petersburg. This initiative, which will utilize the expertise of the V. G. Khlopin Radium Institute, also known as the First Radium Institute, is set to propel the field of nuclear medicine forward.

“The uniqueness of this cyclotron is determined by its peripheral devices. As part of the contract, the Institute’s specialists will develop new target devices that will allow the most efficient use of high-current cyclotron beams and ensure maximum production of radioisotope products. Thus, the accelerator for the Radium Institute will use a robotic system for changing target devices. This will significantly reduce the area required for equipment placement and speed up the process of replacing one target with another with minimal switching of equipment in the cyclotron. According to its parameters, the cyclotron SS-30/15 can be used not only for the production of isotopes, but also in boron neutron capture and simply in neutron therapy,” said Yuri Gavrish, deputy scientific director of the center.