The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation announced a 10 billion ruble “megaproject” for the production of medicines


Plans to localize the production of medicines and medical devices were included in the list of 10 large-scale “megaprojects” of technological sovereignty, which Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced today during a strategic session. According to him, issues related to the release of drugs from the Vital and Essential Drugs list will be considered first.

“Two projects are aimed at localizing the production of the most popular medical products and drugs, primarily from the list of vital and essential, as well as strategically important ones. The quality and accessibility of medical care for our citizens largely depends on their availability,” he said.

Mishustin clarified that the total amount of funds for each “megaproject” is at least 10 billion rubles. However, production under these initiatives must be based on its own development lines “under national control.”