Mayor of Moscow: The city revitalized the pharmaceutical industry


During the annual report to the Moscow City Duma, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin addressed the progress and growth of the pharmaceutical industry in Moscow. He states that the recent measures to support businesses and the future practice of engaging in offset contracts will guarantee drug safety and independence from imported essential medicines.

“Moscow has revived the pharmaceutical industry, which in the coming years will become one of the leading places in the country,” Sobyanin is sure. According to him, at the moment, 14 offset contracts are being implemented in the city for the supply of medicines, medical products, baby food and other products. “As a result, more than 10 modern factories were built,” he added.

Thus, by 2028, as the mayor previously said, the capital’s pharmaceutical enterprises will cover 80% of the city’s need for oncological drugs. Currently, clinical trials of 10 antitumor drugs are being conducted on the basis of Moscow institutions with the support of the capital government for four nosologies: lung, kidney, breast and prostate cancer. “The most effective and safe drugs will be recommended for introduction into clinical practice in Moscow healthcare,” Sobyanin said.