Health Ministry announced the results of medical examination of russian citizens for 2023

In 2023, Russia conducted clinical and preventive examinations, uncovering a staggering 17 million individuals (22%) who were deemed healthy. However, the most prevalent health classification among Russians, comprising 46% of the population, was Group III A. This category encompasses individuals who possess risk factors for non-communicable diseases, as highlighted by Valeria Gulshina, the Deputy Director of the Department of Medical Care and Sanatorium Affairs at the Russian Ministry of Health.
“We see that the detection of [diseases] in the early stages as part of clinical examination is increasing,” she said at a round table in the Federation Council “Topical issues of improving approaches to the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases in the Russian Federation.” And she added that in 2024, 70% of the population, or 102 million people, should undergo medical examinations and medical examinations.
In 2023, over 77 million people received medical examinations, an increase from 51 million in 2022. These activities helped identify 1 million cardiovascular diseases and about 50 thousand malignant neoplasms at an early stage.