R-Pharm increased the production of anti-HIV drugs by 31% in Moscow

The national project “Labor Productivity” has been instrumental in achieving this result. The “R-Pharm” Group of Companies has announced that, in partnership with experts from the Moscow regional competence center, they have managed to identify and effectively resolve around 80 production challenges associated with the drug.
“In particular, we changed the layout of equipment, adjusted the routes for moving raw materials and finished products, organized an efficient workspace, introduced new standards for performing technical operations and maintaining equipment. These measures made it possible to reduce time losses during production and improve the efficiency of work processes,” the companies press workers explain.”
Consequently, the production time for a batch of the drug was significantly reduced by 15% – from 80 to 68 hours, the volume of medicines manufactured experienced a substantial increase of 31% – from 10.2 thousand to 13.4 thousand capsules per day, and work in progress inventories were effectively cut in half. The company will apply the experience gained from the pilot flow to the rest of its production. To achieve this, 18 employees were trained to learn lean manufacturing tools. They will help their colleagues master them.