Russia may approve a list of non-infringing patent actions

Addressing the various challenges surrounding the distribution of pharmaceuticals to the general population is becoming more crucial than ever. Given the increasing dangers posed by defects in drugs classified as Vital and Essential, it is crucial to place utmost importance on reducing dependence on imports and strengthening measures to ensure the safety of pharmaceuticals. Pharma market experts talked about it during a thematic meeting organized by the Duma faction “A Just Russia — Patriots — For Truth .
“Taking into account that during 2022 alone, 36 drugs registered in the Russian Federation lost patent protection, and taking into account the long-term time frame for bringing modern Russian analogues to the market, not only the financial burden that will be borne by the healthcare budget and Russian patients, but also the reality of the emergence of defects in medicines on the domestic market,” says a press release prepared by the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (ARPM) following the event.