Putin announced the launch of new national projects on personnel and life expectancy


Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a message to the Federal Assembly. He announced the launch of new national projects, such as the “Personnel” and “Long and Active Life” national projects.

Speaking about the personnel shortage in Russia, Putin noted that “a large young generation is growing in the country,” which, he believes, was the result of demographic measures of previous years. “It is important for us that children, today’s teenagers, become professionals in their field, ready to work in the economy of the 21st century,” Putin emphasized. The national project “Personnel” will be aimed at achieving these goals.

According to him, it is necessary to “strengthen the connection between all levels of education – from school to university.” These institutions must work in a single logic. At the same time, “the participation of future employers is important,” Vladimir Putin added, noting that starting from the current academic year, a career guidance system has been deployed in all schools in the country.

Another new national project – “Long and Active Life” – is aimed at increasing the life expectancy of the population. Today this figure is 73 years, and by 2030 it should rise to 78 years. “In the future, we must reach the level of 80 plus,” Putin said.

Over the next six years, as part of this national project, more than 1 trillion rubles will be allocated additionally for the construction, repair and equipment of healthcare facilities. By 2030, the president said, long-term care services should be provided to everyone in need.