The share of Russian drugs can grow to 70% in seven years in the Russian market


The share of domestic drugs on the Russian market should increase to 70% in seven years. Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said this when opening the government meeting.

“In his message, the president noted the need to organize much larger volumes of our own medicine production. We spoke in detail about the importance of sufficiently providing them to the healthcare system during the government report in the State Duma, because the timeliness and effectiveness of medical care depends on this. We must ensure that citizens receive quality treatment.

The share of Russian drugs in total sales on the domestic market should increase to almost 70% in the next seven years. To achieve this, we will continue to improve systemic measures to support domestic producers. We will stimulate development and research, including through subsidies, grants, tax breaks, and create conditions for expanding the export of such products. Particular attention will need to be paid to training highly qualified specialists for the pharmaceutical industry – it is knowledge-intensive. You need to accomplish everything you set out to do. And of course, I would ask the heads of regions to take an active part in this,” he said.