China may find various medicines from the Gamaleya Center interesting

The director of the Gamaleya National Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Alexander Gintsburg, firmly believes that the cancer drugs developed to combat antibiotic resistance, along with the tuberculosis vaccine created by the Center, hold immense potential for capturing the attention of China and making a significant entry into the Chinese pharmaceutical market.
“Already existing and new drugs that are currently being developed at the institute, as well as, for example, the drug “Fluorothiazinone” <…> will be of interest both to the Chinese side and to the Russian Direct Investment Fund in order to sell these products in the People’s Republic of China Republic. The fairly well-known drug Imuron, which is used for chemotherapy of bladder cancer, may also be of interest,” he said.
Gunzburg noted that the Chinese side may also be interested in vaccines from the Center. Gamaleya, including a new vaccine against tuberculosis, which, unlike the BCG vaccine, should prevent infection with tuberculosis. According to him, it is in the third stage of clinical trials. “There is also a children’s vaccine against rotaviruses, which can be created in such a way that it includes many different antigenic variants of this pathogen,” the scientist added.


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