Sber and R-Pharm developed AI to speed up drug development

The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Sber and the R-Pharm company have collaborated to develop an AI solution for generating antibodies. This innovation has the potential to decrease the time required to develop a molecule’s structure with the desired characteristics. In fact, this technology has the power to condense a process that would typically take three years into a mere of two months.
“The synthesis and confirmation of the properties of the generated structures in the so-called R-Pharm wet laboratory should take about 10 more months. Thus, the time required to develop the structure of molecules in the future will be reduced by three times. Solutions that will allow the generation of new drugs are being actively developed at Sberbank together with R-Pharm and AIRI,” reports the Sberbank press service.
“In the pre-artificial intelligence era, the development cycle for a new drug took 10-15 years. The AI technologies we are introducing at certain stages of drug development will ensure a significant reduction in the time “from laboratory to patient” and a reduction in costs, which will make medicines more affordable,” said Alexander Bykov, director of healthcare economics at R-Pharm.


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