Russian company introduces anti-nausea drug for cats and dogs


Russian veterinary drug manufacturer Nita-Pharm has registered a new product called Serinebs. It is a improved version of an imported drug, based on maropitant, that helps relieve nausea and stop vomiting in cats and dogs. Serinebs is available as an injection and can quickly prevent vomiting of various causes. It is painless to administer and has a neutral odor. Effects last 24 hours after a single injection.

“In Russia, drugs based on maropitant are appearing from different manufacturers, and a competitive market is being formed. In such conditions, consumers have a choice, and manufacturers begin to put more effort into development. We took into account the wishes of specialists who worked with the original imported drug and proposed our own solution,” the words of Marketing Director Alexander Khlyntsev are quoted on the company’s website.

“Serinebs” is presented in the form of injections, it is intended for the prevention and rapid cessation of vomiting of various origins. It features painless subcutaneous and intravenous administration and a neutral odor, the company added. The effect of the veterinary drug occurs after one injection after 45 minutes and lasts for 24 hours.