Ministry of Industry and Trade: Russia is interested in technology transfer with China in pharmaceuticals


According to Ekaterina Priezzheva, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Russia welcomes the introduction of Chinese technologies, the organization of joint production, and the localization of these products’ manufacturing within its territory.

Ekaterina Priezzheva mentioned that there are already specific projects being implemented in collaboration with China. “Currently, several Russian companies are successfully carrying out joint projects with China for the technology transfer of manufacturing anti-cancer, orphan, and other socially significant drugs,” she stated.

“Speaking of what our manufacturers can offer to China, the Russian pharmaceutical industry has a very good export potential. Our medicines are now supplied to more than 150 countries worldwide, and here we could offer our colleagues innovative drugs, anti-cancer drugs, hemodialysis drugs, antiretroviral, antimicrobial, and antiviral drugs. The range is actually very wide, and we are ready to supply ready-made medicines there as well as interested in opening production jointly with colleagues and localizing Russian medicines in China,” she explained.

She also added that Russia is interested in technology transfer with China in the field of pharmaceuticals and in establishing full-cycle production localization within its territory. “Currently, our greatest interest lies in the technology transfer and localization of full-cycle production of biotechnological drugs, drugs for the treatment of rare diseases, and drugs that are not registered in the Russian Federation,” she said.