Sber developed 35 AI-assisted drug candidate molecules

Sberbank developed 35 candidate molecules with superior clinical properties than innovative medicines from large pharmaceutical companies, said Sergei Zhdanov, director of Sberbank Health Industry Center.
“We are ready to finance and work with great pleasure with pharmaceutical companies, especially those who focus on innovative medicines and the introduction of new technologies. Sber also aims to digitize our clients. We are actively working in the field of artificial intelligence,” Zhdanov noted.
Earlier it was reported that experts from the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Sberbank and the R-Pharm company developed an AI solution for generating antibodies, which potentially made it possible to reduce the stage of developing the structure of a molecule from three years to two months.
Zhdanov believes that in the modern era of rapid technological development, rethinking the process of developing new medicines is necessary. He thinks that digitalizing the search for new candidate molecules will greatly accelerate the processes. “We conducted tests with some companies in the market. We can’t share all the details since we haven’t achieved the desired effect yet. However, we obtained 35 candidate molecules in one area that have better clinical properties than any innovative drugs presented by Big Pharma. These molecules are currently being tested in wet labs,” he stated.