A GMP center for pharmacist students will be created in Tyumen

The inter-university campus in the Tyumen region, established as part of the national project “Science and Universities” and overseen by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, is set to become a remarkable platform for training skilled personnel in the pharmaceutical industry. Alexander Moor, the head of the region, has shared that a visionary BioTechPharm school will be established on this campus to fulfill this purpose.
“We will create an advanced engineering school “BioTechPharm” on the interuniversity campus in Tyumen. <…> The school will train in-demand personnel for the medical and pharmaceutical cluster of the region: bioengineers, biotechnologists, bioinformatics, biopharmacists. All this is in collaboration with our medical university,” he wrote, referring to Tyumen State Medical University.
The campus research laboratories plan to develop drugs and create diagnostic test systems using artificial intelligence technologies. Among other things, in cooperation with Tyumen State Medical University it is planned to open a GMP center for students.