Russia and India will develop cooperation in drug development

Drug development has emerged as a key focus area in the strategic roadmap of Russian-Indian economic cooperation until 2030. Moreover, both nations have pledged to foster close collaboration in the development and provision of cutting-edge medical equipment. This affirmation is outlined in the joint statement by the two leaders, Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi, which has been featured on the official websites of the Indian Foreign Ministry and the Kremlin.
Moreover, the parties will collaborate on establishing branches of Indian medical institutions in Russia and recruiting new personnel to the industry. There are also plans in place to enhance collaboration in the areas of medical and biological safety. Furthermore, the intention is to establish a working group on higher education within the framework of the intergovernmental commission. “The parties agreed to continue consultations on the mutual recognition of education and academic degrees,” the document says.
Earlier, RNC Pharma calculated that by the end of 2023, India is the leader among countries exporting medicines to Russia. In total, this is about 294 million packages, which is almost 3% more than in 2022.