About 8.2 million doses of coronavirus vaccines produced in Russia


About 8.2 million doses of anti-covid vaccines have been produced in Russia at the moment, 2.7 million doses have been sent to medical organizations, TASS reports, references to Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova.

“In total, 8.2 million doses have been produced today. Almost 2.7 million doses were sent to medical organizations for citizens vaccination”, she said at a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with government members.

Golikova noted that the difference between production volumes and doses available for vaccination is explained by the quality control and safety of vaccines.

The Deputy Prime Minister also said that the number of anti-covid19 vaccination points in Russia is increasing daily, now it has exceeded 3 thousand.

“I want to report that our daily number of vaccination points is changing, it is increasing…. Their number was slightly more than 1.3 thousand, now it is already 3098 vaccination points, and over the past day their number has increased by 122, because we are increasing the volume of vaccine supplies to the regions of the country”, she said.

Golikova said that it is impractical to introduce in the Russian regions any additional documents for those vaccinated against coronavirus, in addition to a certificate. It forms an opinion among citizens that vaccination is forced. She noted that the World Health Organization does not recommend to demand the vaccination or immunity proof for international travel.

The president, in a conversation with Golikova, noted that about 68 million Russians should be vaccinated.