Ministry of Health approved standards anti-COVID-19 vaccination for adults


The Ministry of Health of Russia has established and sent to the regional authorities a standard operating procedure that defines the rules for organizing the work of medical organizations and medical workers during vaccination anti-COVID-19 vaccine for adults.

The document regulates the vaccination process: acceptance, storage and use of the vaccine.

According to the letter sent by the Ministry to the constituent entities of the Russian Federation noted that during the preparation of vaccination there was no need in antibodies detection laboratory tests.

“The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation paid attention to the fact that during preparation for anti-COVID-19 vaccination, laboratory detection tests of presence of immunoglobulins of classes O and M to the virus 8AK.8-CoU-2 are not mandatory. At the same time, some who have positive results of the research of presence of immunoglobulins of classes C and M to the virus 8AK8-CoU-2, achieved outside the framework of preparation for vaccination, are not vaccinated, says in the document.

The PCR virus research of RNA detection is carried out before vaccination only with a positive epidemiological history (contact with infected SARS-COV-2 within the last 14 days) or in the presence of one of the symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 2 weeks.