Trials of combined anti-COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik V will start in February


Trials of human combined anti-COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik V tests and AstraZeneca should start in early February, Reuters reports with reference to Alexei Repik, the head of the Russian pharmaceutical company R-Pharm. 

AstraZeneca first announced plans to explore the possibility of working with Russian scientists on a combined vaccine in December. According to Repik, human tests will be held in Azerbaijan, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Belarus, Russia and other countries.

Reuters also quotes a source close to the Gamalei Institute, which confirms that the first vaccinations under the new system will be carried out in early February. He added that Ukraine is also a vaccination participant. 

It is assumed that about 100 people will take part in the 1-2 phase of the tests. First, they will get AstraZeneca vaccine, and after 29 days – Sputnik V vaccine.