Pharma-2030 includes the Russian anti-HPV and chickenpox vaccine production


The Russian pharmaceutical industry is ready to produce its own anti-HPV, chickenpox and rotavirus vaccine under the Pharma-2030 program, said Mikhail Nekrasov, CEO of NANOLEC pharmaceutical company, at the XVI International Conference “Pharmaceutical Business in Russia – 2021” on March 11.

“There is no doubt, we will pass the task of the Pharma-2030 strategy. The task is set by 2025 to produce vaccines against these infections. We are ready for this, “he said.

Mikhail Nekrasov noted that today we need to prescribe a mechanism for its implementation within the framework of this program.

“I like offset contracts most of all at the moment… If we are ready to invest our money in the production of vaccines, we must have guarantees that the vaccine will be in demand, will be purchased. These vaccines should be introduced into the National Vaccination Calendar, should be purchased by the state from those enterprises that have solved this problem, “said NANOLEC SEO, stressing that he does not deny the acceptability of other ways of implementing the strategy.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade presented the Pharma-2030 strategy in July 2019. According to the document, it is planned to create a high-performance export-oriented sector in the industry. The new strategy provides that by 2030, exports of domestic drugs should grow by about five times compared to 2018, to $3.8 billion. Deliveries abroad of medical devices over the same period should increase tenfold, to 39 billion rubles.