Rospotrebnadzor announced the safety and effectiveness of EpiVakKorona


The peptide anti-COVID19 EpiVakKoron developed by the Vektor center is an immunogene and safe product for prevention of COVID-19, it is confirmed by data of researches, Rospotrebnadzor with reference to the publication in the Infektion & Immunitet magazine of March 24, 2021 reports

“The journal… published the results of clinical studies of the EpiVacCorona vaccine among volunteers aged 18-60 years (phase I-II studies) confirming its safety and immunological effectiveness. Published materials suggest that the study was conducted in two stages: stage 1 – an open-ended study of vaccine safety, reactogenicity and immunological activity involving 14 volunteers aged 18-30 years; stage 2 is a simple blind comparative randomized placebo-controlled trial involving 86 volunteers aged 18-60 years, “the supervisory authority said.

Studies have shown that the two-dose vaccination scheme caused the production of antibodies specific to antigens included in the vaccine in 100% of volunteers.

Earlier, presidential delegate Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin was vaccinated with one of three Russian vaccines. The Kremlin refused to make public what kind of drug the head of state received, since “all three Russian vaccines are absolutely reliable, they are very good, reliable and effective.”


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