Russian-Chinese one-component anti-COVID-19 vaccine is being prepared for registration in Russia


The Convidecia single-component vaccine, developed by the Chinese company CanSinoBiologics and the Russian Petrovax, may be registered in Russia soon, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

“The registration process is ongoing,” Mikhail Tsyferov, head of Petrovax Farm, confirmed the publication. – In December, we presented to the Ministry of Health data on preliminary results of III phase of clinical studies. Chinese partners in January supplemented the dossier with information of the interim results of global international tests, in which 43 thousand volunteers participate. This, by the way, is one of the vaccines tested on the largest pool of participants. Registration began in other countries where it is planned to sell the vaccine, which we will produce on our site in the suburbs. We are negotiating with about 15 countries. ”

The drug was registered for emergency use in China on a separate social group last summer, they were vaccinated by the Chinese army, and now they have been allowed to use the vaccine for the entire population. The vaccine is also approved in Mexico and Pakistan.

“Convision” is a vector vaccine, based on one of the strains of human adenovirus. Moreover, unlike the two-component Sputnik V and other vaccines requiring two injections, the Chinese development of Ad5-nCoV (another name for the vaccine) is introduced only once. At the same time, as follows from the results of the tests (published, by the way, in the same authoritative The Lancet), its effectiveness is the same as that of two-dose vaccines – antibodies were formed in 92.5% of volunteers.

For the release of Konvidecia, the Petrovax company expanded its own production in the Moscow region and already in the first half of 2021 plans to launch a new production line, the maximum capacity of which will allow, if necessary, to produce up to 10 million doses of vaccine per month.