The State Duma adopted in the first reading a law on the “compulsory” licensing of drugs for export


On March 17, the State Duma adopted a government bill in first reading, according to which the Cabinet of Ministers is empowered to make a decision on the use of inventions for the production of drugs without a patent, followed by compensation to the patent holder, TASS reports.

The Civil Code is supplemented by a new provision according to which the Government has the right, under the conditions provided for by international treaties, “to decide on the use of the invention for the production in the Russian Federation of a medicinal product for the purpose of its export without the consent of the patent holder, with notification of it as soon as possible and with payment of commensurate compensation to it.”

The text of the decision should contain information on the amount of drug production determined by the needs of the foreign state to which it will be exported. The packaging of such a medicament shall have a special designation.

The bill specifies that the procedure for deciding on the release of drugs and the payment of compensation will be determined by the government.

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