Swedish pharmaceutical companies are ready to join the production of the Sputnik V vaccine


Several Swedish pharmaceutical companies are ready to produce the Russian vaccine against the Sputnik V COVID-19 after the Swedish government instructed the Vinnova Innovation Agency to consider this possibility within the country, TASS reports citing the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper.

“Of course, there are challenges here, since today’s production facilities are not designed for such production. However, we undoubtedly have the opportunity to release a vaccine. We are not necessarily talking about the construction of a large plant, but only about trying to develop those opportunities with those actors that are already available, “said the head of the Vinnova department, Lars Hammarstrom.

Earlier, the coordinator of the vaccination campaign, Rickard Bergstrom, announced the possibility of producing a Russian vaccine in Sweden and negotiations between the Russian and Swedish sides.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund has already reached agreements with companies from Italy, Spain, France and Germany to launch the production of the Sputnik V vaccine. Negotiations are also underway with a number of manufacturers to increase production in the European Union.

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