The volume of the pharmaceutical market in Russia in 2020 amounted to 2,040 trillion rubles


In 2020, the Russian pharmaceutical market showed growth above forecasts: its positive dynamics in ruble terms amounted to 9.8% instead of the expected 5-6%. The volume of the pharmaceutical market of the Russian Federation in 2020 reached 2.040 trillion rubles, the research company DMS Group reports in the review “Pharmaceutical Market of Russia – 2020.”

In dollars and euros, stagnation was observed in 2020. The March increase in exchange rates led to the fact that in terms of them the market capacity did not increase. So, in dollar terms in 2020, the market volume amounted to $29 billion, which is 0.2% more than in 2019. In the euro, due to higher exchange rate growth, the market, on the contrary, decreased by 1.6%.

According to the results of 2020 year, the share of imported drugs in the market as a whole amounted to 56.3% in rubles and 31.4% in packages. The structure of the drug market by vacation type has grown in favor of over-the-counter drugs. At the same time, 67% in monetary terms falls on prescription drugs.

The bulk of sales of over-the-counter drugs are sold through pharmacies (97% in rubles). In the state segment, RX-drugs occupy 90% of the volume of consumption in tender procurement. Medicines from the list of VMED occupy more than 50% both in kind and in value from the total drug market.

The ATC rating in 2020 was headed by the group “Antitumor Drugs and Immunomodulators” (16% of the market volume in value terms), which includes expensive drugs. The group of drugs for the digestive tract and metabolism fell to the second line, its share in monetary terms is 15%, and they are sold mainly through pharmacies (76% in rubles). The group “Antimicrobials for systemic use” grew the most – by 18% and amounted to 14% in ruble terms of market volume. About 53% of the drugs of this group are purchased for the needs of hospitals, the share of sales in the pharmacy segment was 43.7%, also showing the high dynamics provoked by the coronavirus pandemic.