The Ministry of Health proposed to vaccinate at-risk patients from COVID-19 at discharge


Vaccination against coronavirus should be carried out before discharge of patients from the risk group from inpatient treatment, said Russian Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko at a conference call with the regions on combating the spread of a new coronavirus infection and organizing medical care during non-working days.

“Senior citizens and patients suffering from cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus have been and remain our top priority (in the fight against COVID-19. – GxP News) … Vaccination should be carried out before discharge of patients at risk from inpatient treatment. Vaccination should be voluntary and ensure continuity – three weeks after the first inpatient vaccination, the patient should be invited to receive a second outpatient injection at the place of residence, “the minister said.

He added that the situation with the incidence of coronavirus in the country as a whole remains tense. The meeting participants noted that vaccination continues during the May non-working days, this allows citizens to get vaccinations at the most convenient time for them.

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