WHO revealed the amount needed to vaccinate the adult population of the world


Vaccinating the majority of the world’s adult population against coronavirus in 2022 will require the World Health Organization from $35 to $45 billion, WHO head Tedros Ghebreyesus said at a briefing.

“We estimate that another $35-45 billion will be needed next year to vaccinate most adults worldwide,” said Gebreyesus.

At the same time he said that problems of financing of global programs of vaccination and fight with a pandemic of COVID-19 can be solved only by leaders of the countries of “Group of Seven” who are able to allocate a considerable part of the necessary sum for acceleration of an inoculative campaign in the world.

“We can only solve the vaccination crisis with the leadership of these countries,” said the head of the WHO.

As a confirmation of his words, he cited as an example the decision of the G-20 in 2009 to allocate $1.1 trillion for measures to mitigate the effects of the global economic crisis.

“Now we are faced with an even more serious crisis, and we need similar solutions,” the head of WHO emphasized.

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