The Ministry of Health canceled the registration of three medicines “Materia Medica”


According to the State Register of Medicines (SRM), on May 31, the Ministry of Health decided to cancel the registration certificates of four drugs. About this writes FV. The Ministry of Health excluded three drugs from the state register of the pharmaceutical company NCP Materia Medica Holding: means of pumping, “Air-Sea,” tablets for resorption, registration certificate MSR-000227 from 16.02.2011; agents for the treatment of obesity, “Dietress,” tablets for resorption, registration certificate MSR-006933/10 from 21.07.2010; Neuroferon agents, resorption tablets, registration certificate MSR-006228/10 from 01.07.2010. FV sent a request to the manufacturer. The list of drugs canceled by the department also included an oral contraceptive manufactured by N.V. Organon, the Netherlands “Exluton,” linestrenol, pills 0.5 mg, registration certificate N011344/01 from 24.04.2010. Applications for cancellation of registration were sent to the department by the manufacturers themselves, follows from the decisions of the regulator.