The Ministry of Health has developed a procedure for monitoring the movement of drugs for the Circle of Good wards


The Ministry of Health of Russia has developed and put up for public discussion on the portal a draft order that approves the procedure for monitoring the movement and accounting for medicines and medical products purchased ‎for a specific child, the ward of the Circle of Good Foundation, according to the FV.

This is necessary to quickly resolve the issue of targeted provision of newly identified patients with medicines, as well as when the need for medicines changes in the event of a change in treatment tactics.

Monitoring is carried out in relation to medicines and medical products purchased in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 06.04.2021 No. 545 through an information resource containing information about children with serious life-threatening and chronic diseases, including rare diseases.

In April, it was reported that a special information resource will operate in Russia to help seriously ill children who need the support of the Circle of Good Foundation. The rules of its jurisdiction were approved by the government. The information resource will be included in the unified state information system in the field of healthcare. It will collect applications from regions for receiving a particular medicine, applications from parents on the basis of which such applications were created, a list of diseases with which the fund works will be posted. The government approved the procedure for helping children at the expense of the Circle of Good Foundation on May 21. The decree states that the funds can be used to pay for unique and resource-intensive methods of treatment, the purchase of drugs, including those not registered in Russia. The possibility of paying for treatment abroad, including covering the costs of transport and accommodation, is also prescribed.