A new method of treating HIV patients has been developed in Russia


Specialists of the National Medical Research Center for Phthisiopulmonology and Infectious Diseases of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation have developed and patented a new highly effective method of treating HIV patients, RIA Novosti reports, referring to the center.

They recalled that it is impossible to completely recover from this disease, so patients are administered medications all their lives, and they are highly likely to develop some adverse reactions. 90% of the treatment regimens include the tenofovir, a drug with long-term toxic effect on the kidneys and bones. The new method of treatment first uses a triple scheme with tenofovir, and six months later, after the primary effect of treatment is achieved, patients are transferred to a two-drug scheme: dolutegravir and emtricitabine.

The two-drug therapy is enough to completely suppress the virus, since after six months of primary treatment, the body forms its own immune response against HIV. Both components reinforce each other. According to the developers, the scheme has no immediate or delayed toxicity. It also has the highest possible long-term effectiveness and tolerability. The authors have patented their invention; this method had not been previously used for patient treatment.