An experiment on the labeling of antiseptics starts in Russia


From August 1, an experiment on the labeling of antiseptic and disinfectants will begin in the Russian Federation. The corresponding government decree was signed by Mikhail Mishustin, the Chairman of the Government of the country.

Labeling antiseptics was suggested by the manufacturers in order to combat illegal trafficking of pharmaceutical and medical products during the coronavirus pandemic. This initiative was supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

According to Denis Manturov, the head of the ministry, the experiment will last until August 31, 2022. Participation in it is voluntary.

“In the course of the experiment, together with the business, we will test the methods of applying digital labeling on packages of antiseptics and disinfectants and its traceability from the moment of production or import to the product’s withdrawal from circulation. If there are bottlenecks in the process, we will deal with them in practice to remove them. Optimal solutions for manufacturers and suppliers will be found,” the minister explained.

Initially, the Federal Ministry of Industry and Trade planned to launch an experiment on antiseptics labeling on May 15 this year, having announced it in March.

The information that the sphere of application of mandatory labeling requirements can be extended to include dietary supplements and antiseptics was published in October 2020.