The FMBA states a shortage of donor blood due to vaccination against COVID-19


Due to the mass vaccination of the population against coronavirus infection, the Russian Federation is now facing a shortage of donor blood. This was reported to Kommersant by Sofia Golosova, the Head Physician of the Blood Center of the FMBA of Russia, the main consultant transfusiologist of the FMBA of Russia.

“One can’t say that everything is fine here. We will never be able to predict which blood type and in what quantity may be needed right now. After all, it is not only scheduled surgery that must be taken into consideration. Therefore, there is an urgent need that donors come to us as soon as they are eligible to do so after vaccination,” Sofia Golosova said.

The medical specialist explained why the situation had developed. According to her, blood donation is prohibited in the period between the first and second coronavirus vaccine administration, and after the second component, a vaccinated person is not allowed to donate blood for another month. The second factor is the traditional summer vacation period in the country. This time can usually be described as inactivity.

Due to the current situation, blood donation collection stations now work not only on weekdays, when many donors are busy, but also on weekends. In addition, doctors often call and notify regular donors from the database. Despite this, the situation “remains difficult”.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade earlier warned about the risk of immunoglobulin shortages in the Russian Federation due to the fact that the established maximum selling price for the drug is low.

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