The Ministry of Health has proposed a new procedure for the purchase of medicines for the wards of the Circle of Kindness


The Ministry of Health has proposed to change the deadlines for submitting reports of the Circle of Kindness Foundation in respect of 2021 spending, according to the draft resolution of the Ministry. This means that children with rare diseases will receive their medicines without interruptions, the Ministry believes.

It is planned to amend the rules for the provision of a subsidy from the federal budget to the Circle of Kindness Foundation for the support of children with severe life-threatening and chronic diseases in 2021.

In order to receive funds for 2022, the Circle of Kindness Foundation has to provide the Ministry of Health with a report on expenses and the results of its work in 2021 by January 20. Only after that will the Foundation be able to start purchasing drugs for 2022. The draft proposes to specify the deadlines for submitting reports. Now they will be determined by the agreement between the Ministry of Health and the Foundation.

In the current version of the resolution, it is established that the budget funds allocated to the Foundation in 2021 are used by it in the same year to provide children with medicines and medical devices. In this connection, there is a problem with providing such patients with the necessary drugs in Q1 of 2022, taking into account the duration of procurement procedures.

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