API Synthesis Laboratory opened at Ogarev Moscow State University


With the support of AO “Biokhimik” of the Promomed Group, a research and educational laboratory for the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients was opened in the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the N.P. Ogarev Mordovian State University on September 30.

This laboratory is the second joint project of Promomed Group and Ogarev MSU within the framework of the national project “Science” in the Republic of Mordovia.

“The new laboratory has become a logical continuation of the Promomed program for the development of scientific and technical cooperation with Moscow State University. We invested 3.5 times more in it than in the first laboratory, providing it with a full set of equipment for chemical synthesis and fine chemicals technology,” said Dmitry Zemskov, Executive Director of AO Biokhimik.

According to Sergey Vdovin, the principal of the university, the cooperation of the educational institution with Promomed, which has been developing for several years, began with the opening of the industrial chair at AO Biokhimik. A number of educational programs were also implemented, and new directions were opened.

“Qualified specialists are in hign demand in the pharmaceutical industry. In 2019, the first joint educational and research laboratory was opened in the University. It serves for professional training of future specialists,” Sergey Vdovin noted.

With the modern equipment in the laboratory, students will be able to conduct research in the development of synthesis methods and small-scale production of compounds for pharmaceutical substances. Future pharmacists will master the practical aspects of all stages of drug production, from the synthesis of active substances to the production of finished products. And senior year students will have the opportunity to participate in solving real industrial tasks as early as in their graduation projects.

Promomed Group has been a long-term strategic partner of the National Research Mordovian State University in the training of specialists for the pharmaceutical industry. It invests in the development and training of students who are potential future employees of Biokhimik plant.

As a result of fruitful joint work, it became possible to open the Department of Chemistry and Technology of Physiologically Active Substances at the university in 2018. In addition, a training and production laboratory has been launched. There, for two years, students have been mastering modern methods of manufacturing and analyzing finished dosage forms in practice.

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