ARPU supported the study of the effect that the quality of the drug coating on coronary stents has on their effectiveness


The All-Russian Patient Union (ARPU) supported the initiative of specialists  of the FSBRI Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences to form an expert group in order to draw up a research-to-practice protocol to study the effect of the uniformity and stability of the bioresorbable drug coating on coronary stents on the clinical effectiveness of immediate and long-term results. This was reported by the press service of the organization.

“The All-Russian Patient Union is interested in high quality and availability of products intended to help patients with cardiovascular diseases. The coordinated work of the medical community and patient organizations will serve to improve the quality and prestige of domestic healthcare,” said Yan Vlasov, ARPU’s Co-Chairman.

The development of a research-to-practice protocol and the expert work by doctors, researchers, and representatives of expert organizations will be organized at the FSBRI Central Clinical Hospital of RAS.

The conducted research will be used to establish the criteria for stent manufacturers on the quality of bioresorbable drug coating. No similar studies of the stents drug coating quality have been conducted in the world.

“The need for the study arose because of the consistently negative coverage in the central media, which gave patients a biased perception of the quality of consumables from domestic manufacturers. This cannot but cause concern among the professional community in connection with the threat of the availability of innovative technologies to provide care to patients diagnosed with chronic coronary heart disease. Such a powerful tool for influence as the media determines patient’s decision-making and their opinion on the quality of stents, the consequences of surgery and, in general, increases the risk of adverse situations due to insufficient awareness of people,” the press service of the Union explained.

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