Phase 3 clinical trial of COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents started in Moscow


In Moscow, ten polyclinics and two children’s hospitals began the third phase of the clinical trial of Sputnik M, a coronavirus vaccine for adolescents. The participants will be 3,000 city residents aged 12 to 17. The corresponding message appeared on Thursday, November 11, on the official website of the mayor and the government of the capital.

According to Anastasia Rakova, the vice-mayor of Moscow on social development, the first and second phases of the trial started in the summer of 2021 in two children’s hospitals in the capital. These phases will proceed for one year.

According to preliminary results, the vaccine is safe and effective. Based on the results of observation of the adolescents in the first two phases, the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology (NRCEM) made a decision on the dosage of Sputnik M vaccine for adolescents.

“Vaccination will be conducted in two stages with the Sputnik M vaccine, which is the same two-component Sputnik V vaccine as for persons over 18 years of age, but only one-fifth of an adult’s dose. About two thousand people aged 12-17 years old have applied to become applicants. On November 8, the medical examination of the first participants began; 208 of them have already completed the check. And yesterday the first 18 kids, who had undergone screening and tests, were vaccinated. Throughout the study, participants will have to maintain their state of health journal in a mobile app, and doctors will constantly monitor their condition,” Rakova said.