The Gamaleya Center has filed a patent for the formula of coronavirus therapy substance


The Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology filed for its first patent related to the development of a cure for coronavirus infection.  The researchers plan to patent a number of compounds later. This was reported by Izvestia.

Out of 500,000 probable compounds for the future drug, researchers have chosen 25 to 30, and now chemical synthesis is used to increase the efficiency of the compounds. The researchers have already filed a patent for the formula of a substance that can become the basis for a coronavirus drug.

According to Aleksander Ginzburg, the head of the center, the reengineered drugs now suppress COVID-19 by one and a half or two orders of magnitude better. Ginzburg hopes that by the time of its human trials, the drug will retain “three to four orders of magnitude of such suppressing activity.”

“What we are doing at the moment is just research. But we have everything in terms of the creation technology,” the head of the Gamaleya Center said.

As it became known earlier, the Gamaleya Center plans to start trials of its drug for COVID-19 in January.

In mid-November, the authorities registered Areplivir (favipiravir), the first Russian direct-action injectable drug for the treatment of coronavirus.