The Ministry of Health has authorized the conduct of phase III trials of Leitragin


The Ministry of Health of Russia has issued a permit to the Research Center for Biomedical Technologies of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA) to conduct phase III clinical trials of Leitragin, a drug used to prevent complications in coronavirus. This information was published in the Ministry’s register.

“This clinical trial is conducted to establish the safety and efficacy of Leitragin, an inhalation solution, 1 mg/ml <…>, in the treatment of hospitalized patients with moderate degree COVID-19,” the register of permits for clinical trials states.

The drug was registered in Russia on May 25, 2021. Earlier, scientists of the Research Center for Biomedical Technologies of the FMBA of Russia experimentally showed that Leitragin, a new inhalable drug for the treatment of pneumonia in COVID-19 and the prevention of cytokine storm, is able to reduce HMGB1 levels in acute lung damage.