NC Logistic increases medium-temperature storage capacity


In April, NC Logistic is putting into operation a new thermolabile drugs storage chamber with +2 to +8°C temperature range. The camera is designed for 2500 pallets.

According to Garold Vlasov, Managing Director of NC Logistic, the 3PL operator will increase the storage capacity for immunobiological drugs and vaccines to 9,000 pallets. He also said that the launch of the new chamber is part of the planned investment program of the logistics operator in 2022.

The equipment complies with the GDP standards. Proper quality is ensured by the cold chain system. The cold storage chamber complies with all sanitary and epidemiological rules and ensures the safety and quality of immunobiological medicines, vaccines, cancer drugs, therapies for orphan diseases, etc.

“In this difficult economic situation, we decided not to suspend the company’s investment projects. We receive requests from various participants of the pharmaceutical market for storage of stocks of pharmaceutical products. I am sure that now the pharmaceutical industry needs additional capacity more than ever. Now it is very important to prevent interruptions in the supply of vital medicines and vaccines,” Garold Vlasov explained.

Since 2017, NC Logistic has been producing immunobiological drugs as part of the National Calendar of Preventive Vaccinations. As the company emphasizes, the 3PL operator has built effective logistics processes that ensure guaranteed prompt, safe preparation of goods for subsequent shipment to all regions of the Russian Federation.