Shipments of cargo of pharmaceutical products destined for Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries get stuck in Indian ports


According to Anil Sharma, general secretary of Devbhoomi Industries Pharma Manufacturers’ Association, which has 325 state-based drug manufacturing units in Uttarakhand (a state in northern India), the cargo destined for Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries is stuck in Indian ports.

“The production cycle in factories has also suffered. If producers do not receive the payments on time, it will create difficulties for production,” the Times of India quotes Sharma, who owns a pharmaceutical factory in Haridwar District, as saying.

In addition, prices for raw materials used for packaging medicines have reportedly increased.

“Aluminum foil used for packaging medicines is mainly imported from Ukraine. But now the import has stopped, and, therefore, its price has increased. The price, which was about 250-300 rupees per kilo, is now 400-450 rupees per kilo,” Anil Sharma said.

Chirag Kapoor, another pharmaceutical manufacturer, said: “Drug exporters are in a difficult situation. We cannot send shipments or receive payments.”

As it became known earlier, Indian pharmaceutical companies are wary of a deterioration in the situation with exports to Russia and Ukraine.

Reuters also reported that Indian manufacturers of Sputnik V were facing problems due to US sanctions.


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