Roscosmos intends to create CT and MRI equipment


On Thursday, May 19, at the New Horizons marathon, Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin announced the plans of the state corporation’s enterprises to create CT and MRI equipment.

“We would like to create MRI and CT equipment for our regions,” TASS quotes Rogozin as saying.

Roscosmos enterprises are creating medical equipment as part of their diversification, the publication notes. M. V. Khrunichev Center, in particular, creates pressure chambers for newborns and for limbs healing,  and the Research and Production Corporation “Sistemy precizionnogo priborostroeniya” (Precision Instrument Systems) is developing digital glasses, which act as an emulator of normal vision for people who only have vision on one eye.

As stated earlier in the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in two years time half of the medical equipment in Russia must be domestically-made.

The Ministry of Health proposes to lift the ban on the transportation of medical equipment outside Russia when this is done for repairs.